The big picture

We believe that representation leads to empowerment. That being seen leads to being heard. That a new perspective leads to other points of view. We don’t want to change the world, but we are determined to change our vision of the world. A vision where everyone is included, everyone can contribute. And in the end, everyone wins. Because we believe that a broader picture leads to broader possibilities.

Big changes through small gestures

Despite our best intentions, we don’t always notice our biases in our day-to-day interactions – that’s why they’re called implicit biases. Pre&ent aims to foster organizational change gradually but steadily by providing tools and methods for everyone, from entry-level to leadership teams, with a specific focus on images and workshops.

  • Images

    When it comes to searching for digital images, our choice of criteria (tall, woman, Asian, etc.) could reinforce these biases and certain social inequalities. Pre&ent seeks to shift this paradigm by offering images with a broader, more nuanced range of people and contexts, to reflect our reality – no matter what the search bar says.

  • Workshops

    When it comes to developing a communication campaign, trying to mirror reality by randomly putting a variety of people together (in a TV ad or internal or external digital content) could oversimplify and distort the true complexity of individuals. Pre&ent seeks to reprogram some of our work methods to foster practices and spaces where we can invite more people insight to add relatability and nuances. Pre&ent is aiming to shift this paradigm.

  • Ingrid Enriquez-Donissaint

    Ingrid is a cultural bee who embraces business and marketing challenges through the lens of people's truths, employing ethnographic and behavioral design methods. Ingrid, currently a Brand Planner, has played a pivotal role in the growth of numerous brands in Canada and around the globe (Cirque du Soleil, Energir, Adidas, Héma-Québec, Welcome Collective, MTY, Apple, etc). This entrepreneurial spirit also co-initiated alcove, bringing together visionaries in Montreal through intimate talks and the Diner en Blanc in Haïti.

  • Laurence Pasteels

    Award-winning visionary with 20 years in visual, brand, and experience design, including 12 years as Creative Director. Laurence excels in unique visual sensitivity, team management, integrity, dedication, and leadership. Her journey spans various companies, including Sid Lee, Circo de Bakuza, GSM Project, Cirque du Soleil, and Moment Factory. Passionate about tackling diverse projects, from inventing visitor experiences to crafting show themes.