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This image collection aims to offer a broader perspective on Canadian society, showcasing its diverse array of communities, realities, and experiences.

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  • Marie-Reine Mattera​

    is an award-winning artist and fashion photographer. We love her way of capturing the moment, along with the essence and emotion of her subjects.


  • Karene-Isabelle Jean-Baptiste

    has a way of prolonging evanescent moments through her lens. Member of the @blackwomenphotographers collective, we appreciate her vast experience as a photographer and her analytical training as an engineer.


  • Mikaël Theimer

    Co-founder of Portraits de Montréal and quick-witted portrait painter, he knows how to capture and illuminate the human condition.


  • Isabelle Dubé

    is a record-keeper of passing time, whose main focus is connecting with others. Her informed and thoughtful perspective is ideal for Pre&ent.


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